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TÜV NORD Carbon Services


Facing the serious consequences of global warming, climate change has emerged as a real global challenge. Having been active in the field of environmental protection for more than 50 years, TÜV NORD, as one of the leading technical inspection organisations worldwide, has resolved to meet the challenge of climate change. TÜV NORD is providing validation and verification services of GHG mitigation projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI) and  Voluntary Emission Reduction Schemes (VER). We also provide services related to Carbon Footprint and Carbon Neutrality for Individuals, companies and organisations. In the framework of the EU ETS TÜV NORD is very active as an independent verifier having verified several 100 mio. t of CO2.
TÜV NORD is a globally acting company.

Our complete service portfolio is at the clients disposal all over the world:
·   Europe (e.g. Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, UK)
·   CIS States (e.g. Russia, Ukraine)
·   America (e.g. Brazil, USA)
·   Asia (e.g. China, India, Thailand)
In all TÜV NORD operates in more than 70 countries throughout the world.
The team members in our worldwide active TÜV NORD carbon service section are experienced, highly professional and very committed to the topic.

Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism
TÜV NORD has been engaged in about 1500 JI and CDM projects as validator and verifier worldwide. The UNFCCC has currently accredited TÜV NORD for validation and verification/certification functions for the sectoral scopes 1-15. TÜV NORD has provided validation and verification services of large- and small-scale projects for inter alia renewable energy projects, landfill projects, retrofit projects and natural gas power plant project activities.

Voluntary Emission Reduction Activities
Project developers might also wish to invest in GHG Mitigation projects outside the "official" Kyoto based mechanisms. In case the applicable criteria for such projects are met so called Verified Emission Reductions (VER) can be generated. Similar to JI and CDM TÜV NORD provides validation and verification as well as certification services. In the framework of this market TÜV NORD has already certified several millions of VER. TÜV NORD CERT GmbH holds the status of an Authorized Verifier for Renewable Energy and Coal Mine Methane Carbon Offset projects registered at the Chicago Climate Exchange® (CCX®).

Carbon footprint and carbon neutrality related services
A broad public becomes familiar with terms like "Carbon Footprint" and "Carbon Neutral". The idea behind is to minimize or even compensate the individual carbon emissions. Carbon Neutrality can be achieved by investing in "shares" of carbon mitigation projects. TÜV NORD's activities are focussed on providing additional confidence for clients who "invest" in such projects by certifying the transaction system and / or the carbon footprint calculation and / or the quality of the mitigation projects.

Furthermore TÜV NORD provides several instruments for companies and other organisations to certify extraordinary efforts to fight global warming like "Carbon neutral product / production" and "Active Climate Protection" - Certificates which allows for utilization of an advanced climate commitment for marketing purposes.

Since the introduction of an EU-wide emissions trading system (EU
ETS) TÜV NORD has been active as one of the leading verifier organisations in Europe. Beginning with the first baseline verification campaign till today TÜV NORD has verified several 100 mio. t of CO2 in the framework of the scheme.

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