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Verification /Certification

Verification is a periodic review to determine actual emission reductions of the JI/CDM project activities. Following this process, the credits in the form of CERs are issued. CERs has now become an international market commodity.

The verification/certification has to be performed by an independent operational entity different from the one that performed the validation. Only for small scale projects the CDM Executive Board can accept that the same operational entity is allowed to carry out both the validation and verification/certification.

The verification is a result-oriented process to determine the emission reductions achieved by the project. Continued compliance with the criteria defined under the Kyoto Protocol is also verified.

The verification includes:

Following a successful verification, the operational entity will determine and forward the recommendation of achieved emission reduction (CERs) to the CDM Executive Board for issuance of the credit documen-tation/certificate.

To get your certification of emission reductions, you need to implement an effective JI/CDM project that complies with the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol.

The list of the projects verified/certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH may be found at http://cdm.unfccc.int/Issuance/index.html or http://cdmpipeline.org/publications/CDMpipeline.xlsx (Tab "CDM_Projects", sort by Validator / Verifier).

Requests for Proposals

Requests for proposals may be directed to the following dedicated e-mail address:

Alternatively any of the staff listed in the contact information table (see Contacts) may be approached as well.

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