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Our range of services

We are:
Our competent auditors combine international GHG expertise with knowledge of the local circumstances.

Currently we have achieved DOE/AE-status. Within the accreditation, we can validate projects in the energy related scopes.

We do provide formal service during entire JI/CDM project cycle, i.e., starting from new methodologies submission, validation and recurrent verification and certification.

The TÜV NORD Group is operating with around 8200 employees in more than 70 countries throughout the world. We have a world-wide network of Assessors/Experts for all kinds of activities related to global warming.

Over last years we have provided JI/CDM validation/determination and verification/certification service for more than 500 clients like

We are also active in formal verification role in European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

In respect of verification within the German application procedure we as TÜV NORD Group have verified well reputed companies of all trades, for example

Last but not least the most important thing for you to know is our capability of quickly mobilizing a team of competent Assessors/Experts who respond to your individual needs. go to top